We are very excited that you completed the Decision Card even if at this time in your life your decision is not to put your trust in Christ for Salvation. If you’ve provided your contact information on the previous page we will try to reach out to you within the next few days.

In the meantime, feel free to use the Contact information on our website or call us directly to contact us. (Use your Back button on your browser to return).

A quick word if you have decided not to put your faith in Christ and receive His free offer of His promised abundant life and life eternal we urge you to reconsider. Remember, His promises are free to any and all who will put their faith in Him alone for Salvation. And, while the Holy Spirit is calling you to receive God’s Gift we urge you to act today!

Scripture tell us “today is the day of Salvation!” We sincerely hope you will act on this opportunity today and not put it off any longer. We know life can get full of distractions and its easy to put off this life changing decision.

Its also important you not feel you have to be, or become or “do” something to accept His offer for Salvation. As you saw earlier there is nothing you can do to “fix” the problem of sin yourself. Only God can and has fixed it for you, me and the whole world; through Jesus Christ.

Please consider all you have to gain by putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life. He stands ready to forgive you today and everyday the rest of your life. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

And, don’t spend the rest of your life looking for God in other ways when He clearly tells you He is found only through His Son.

Before you go please know we are praying for you. We may never have the opportunity to meet you but know we wish you all God’s best for your life and hope you’ll allow us to meet you in one of our Church services soon to celebrate God’s love and goodness to His people.

Best wishes and God bless.
The Congregation and Church Staff