How can you go to heaven?

We prayed for you!

It’s no accident you’re here. We believe God has brought you to this place in your spiritual journey in order to understand His love for you personally and how you can enjoy His presence forever. We prayed you will understand these eternal truths and that today you will want to receive Eternal Life through Jesus Christ.

Where are you on the road to life?

The Road to Everywhere…

Life is often compared to a journey down a road or highway. Like roads, some people’s lives are long and easy, others are short and difficult to navigate. Roads are designed and built to take us places we want and need to go. When we realize they don’t we naturally look for a more effective route to get to our ultimate destiny.

God made us so our lives, too, will end up in places we want and need to go and lives that are meaningful and eternal I His presence.

The problem is, sometimes we think we’re on the right road but in the end it leads nowhere. But, how are we to know what God desires for our lives; the right road to travel down?

Just like when we’re lost in a big city (without the benefit of GPS) we try all sorts of possible roads to get to our destination. All of us have explored different roads in life trying to find the “right” road to travel.

All of us have tried many different choices when it comes to happiness. Whether we’ve tried the road of money, or fame, or power or serving others or education or any number of other options, even other religions that promise true meaning and some even offer eternal life they all still take us in the wrong direction, to the wrong destination according to God.

But, the Bible says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.” Proverbs 14:12

And, because of our sin we each will pay for our sins through eternal separation from God.

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