Receive God's Forgiveness and Gift of Eternal Life

God awaits your decision to place your trust in Him alone for salvation from sin. Have you reached that point of regretting your sin that separates you from Him and desire to receive His forgiveness? Forgiveness and the promise of Eternal Life are available to anyone by faith (trust) in who He is and what He has done on your behalf.

Today, right now, God invites you to confess your sorrow for sin that offends Him and be forgiven. And, by faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, receive His gift of eternal life.

While this is a decision of the heart one way to express your new faith is through a sincere but simple prayer. Remember, there's no "magic" in the words. God knows your heart and willingly accepts your confession for sin and desire to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. If these words express the desire of your heart then, with trust and confidence He hears you, in faith, pray:

"Father, I confess (agree with You) that I have sinned against You. Please forgive me. I accept Your gift of eternal life by placing my faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ alone, who paid the penalty for my sins on the Cross.
Thank you. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

If you prayed that prayer in faith with a sincere heart then Congratulations! This is THE most important day of your life!

What should you do next?

First Step: God has many wonderful and exciting things He wants to show you and for you to know about Him and His Word. One of the most exciting aspects of being a Christian is living in joyful obedience to what God commands. Aligning your life with His desires not only honors Him but assures you of the joy that comes with pleasing Him.

Once you complete the Decision Card below, click Yes, I Received Eternal Life below to learn how you can start to grow in your relationship with Christ.

We'd Like to Help

It's important to learn about the wonderful things that God accomplished when you put your trust in Christ as Savior. We would like to send you, with absolutely no obligation, some important information FREE! It's about getting started right in your faith. You'll find more info about it on the next page.

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Second Step: You can take your next important step of faith by sharing with others your decision to accept Christ. When you complete this form you'll automatically let us know of your new faith. We want to keep you in our prayers and help you grow in your faith. We're very excited to hear from you.

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NOTE: No confidential information will ever be disclosed except with those directly involved in this ministry.

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